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Language development for young children

Posted on 01-27-2015


Language development is a crucial cognitive milestone for all young children, starting at birth. Infants often listen attentively to new sounds and are calmed by their mother’s soothing voice. This is the start of early language and peak brain development which plays a pivotal role in the lives of young children. It is how they learn to communicate. The daycare professionals at Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Sandy Plains examine language development for infants and toddlers.

Newborn to six months, the early stages of communication

Infants at age three months will turn to look at their mothers when speaking often responding to her voice by smiling or with other facial expressions. Typically a baby will appear quite startled when hearing an unfamiliar voice. Once an infant reaches five months, he or she will respond to certain words such as “yes” and “no” and can interpret the tone of voice being used, such as displeasure or happiness, and reflect these emotions in his or her own behavior. These are the early building blocks for language acquisition, which begins much sooner than most people realize.

From one year to eighteen months of age

Potentially this is the most important phase of language development. By a child’s first birthday, the vocabulary should include one-to-five words, and he or she should understand the meaning of these words. Also, your child will begin to comprehend basic instructions. At eighteen months, a child will have developed a vocabulary of between 5-to-25 words, most being nouns, which gives a child the ability to follow the most basic of commands.

Ages two to four years

A two-year-old can comprehend slightly more complex “two-stage” instructions such as: “take off your shirt and put it in the clothes basket.” At three years, a child will start to understand and respond to more complex questions such as, “where did you leave your toy?”

The child care professionals at Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Sandy Plains offer the best childcare services available for both you and your child . Contact us today for more information about our acclaimed programs and child-friendly facility. 

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